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A Simple Way to Introduce Yourself

A Simple Way to Introduce Yourself

GREAT, this can be really USEFUL. I'm a TRUE believer of making usage of mnemonics (ezelsbruggetjes). Especially when under pressure. But what is the REAL ISSUE here? It is shown by the examples which are being used in this article about PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS and taking the fear out of it. I come across it multiple times during the day in my profession as an EXECUTIVE SEARCH-er. People simply find it difficult to talk about THEMSELVES and have forgotten HOW to do it! If one asks to introduce oneself, people tell about WHAT they are (doing) and not about WHO they are, what they are good at, what they like, their ambitions, etc. In order to avoid the real answers, they hide behind 'My name is Michael and I’m the creative director. I work in the Brooklyn office'. This says nothing about Michael as a person, does it? Please, be aware that what you do or can do defines success in life and working relations only for 20 % and PERSONALITY does that for 80 %. My advise? Do use the Past, Present and Future tip of this article, but do not forget to use it as a method to describe the WHO, such as "I was born and raised in a lovely family in Rotterdam. 

Now I am a proud father of 5 (+ 2) kids myself and live happily together with the most lovely wife in Zeeland (good choice). My 'reason to be' is that I can build bridges between people, and I'm good at that. I need my freedom and independence to optimally make use of my analytical skills and combine these with my deeply rooted intuition, creativity and humor. That's probably why I'm a HEADHUNTER in my professional life, running my OWN company with a great TEAM. In the occasional event that I'm not working I'm into sports (anything with (golf) BALLS, SAILS or HORSES), cooking, drawing & writing and socializing....You can ALWAYS call me for career advice or help to fill in CRITICAL POSITIONS in B2C and B2B settings in the context of FAMILY BUSINESS, SCALE-UPS and GOVERNANCE. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name...(not really my words)..


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