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VANHATTEMSEARCH is specialized in finding the right person for the right position. VANHATTEMSEARCH looks beyond the question short term at hand, and delivers what is really necessary whilst not forgetting the importance of the future! If someone succeeds at an organization is for 20 percent determined by his/her skills and 80 percent determined by who he/she is.

At VANHATTEMSEARCH you can trust in a partner that understands the underlying question behind the questions at hand.”Who is this person?” , “What are his/her skills?” and “ Is he/she really the right match?”. Because of this VANHATTEMSEARCH is more than capable in delivering candidates that will contribute greatly to the future of your company.

Willem-Ahrend van Hattem and his team posses over twenty years of experience in mediating “talent with more than 10 years of work experience” for key positions  (Management Team-Executive Board-Non Executive Board). VANHATTEMSEARCH selects candidates with an impact in “Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, HR and Staffing”. VANHATTEMSEARCH enjoys working in B2C, B2P (patient) and B2B ( Industry - Construction - Logistics- Transport- Energy) for assignments at either large or smaller (Family) businesses.


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