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VANHATTEMSEARCH works together with a multitude of research consultants, each with their own market specialism. This efficient method, is established through pure focus on the requirements for a certain open position. Who, What, Where and Why are applied and overlap to establish a perfect match. If this is needed to satisfy a client to the greatest extent, then it’s an extra step that VANHATTEMSEARCH is more than willing to take.

Increasingly we have seen a shift in the type of demands clients make when it comes to the ideal candidate. Apart from a candidate that is suitable to fill the position, clients frequently demand a candidate that can make a notable step change within the organization. VANHATTEMSEARCH tackles these evoluted demands by doing more research on the team including the vacancy up front. Through this research, specific strengths and weaknesses are exposed, which in turn shows whether a candidate is suitable to contribute to growth in the near future. Because of this process, the chances of the matching candidate staying long term increase significantly. The method being applied is the TMA method (Talent-Motivation Analysis).


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