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A lot changed when Willem-Ahrend read a study published by one of the largest “executive search” firms in the world. After the analysis of 20.000 assignments, it turned out that in 40% of the cases the placed executive had moved on within 18 months. In van Hattem’s opinion, that HAD to change.

And thus ‘The art of standing out in executive search ’ is a key motivation for VANHATTEMSEARCH.

The extra willingness to commit fully to the client and candidate reassures the creation of beautiful long term end results. The decisions that have to be made in the process of executive search  are of major importance. This applies both to the future of an organization as well to the candidate’s further career. Last but not least, the costs of a failed placement are up to twenty times higher than the compensation costs of a placed candidate.


VANHATTEMSEARCH has developed its own method which, eventually will improve the overall involvement and productivity of your organization.

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