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crmLiNK an ideal partner

In particular in executive search for family businesses, crmLiNK is an ideal partner for VANHATTEMSEARCH. Selecting the right candidates for key positions, such as succession at board level and the supervisory positions, is a matter of tailor-made solutions. CrmLiNK delivers a structural contribution to themes such as: attracting and retaining talent, governance improvement and education for a successful and sustainable future for the organization.

A unique partnership of a Rotterdam-like approach with an Amsterdam-like flair and a solid package of solutions helping organizations to the next level.

Marieke van Bragt
Global Senior Researcher

Since 2018 Marieke van Bragt is Senior Global Researcher at Van Hattem Search, focusing on critical positions (B2B & B2C).  Over 30 years' from A-Z  research experience for high level senior management positions. Specialized in search strategies, mapping, approaching and sourcing in order to deliver screened, qualified, motivated candidates in regional, international, cross-border assignments. Traditional direct search methods and excellent social media sourcing skills.  Her excellent interviewing skills and know-how enable her to locate, attract and access the right people in organisations and to acquire the right information. Extensive network of contacts in various industries having monitored numerous careers through the years.

Marieke van Bragt’s hobbies include golf and making art work.


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